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Saudi Arabia stands as one of the leading countries for COVID-19 containment
Fadilah Sfouq Aleanizy, Fulwah Yahya Alqahtani, Jouri Alanazi, Hajar AlQahtani, Marzouqah Alanazi
The neurobehavioral outcomes of very low birth weight infants with intraventricular hemorrhage at corrected age of 24–36 months
Khalid A Altirkawi, Badr Sobaih, Abdulrahman Altuwaym, Alhanouf Almuhanna, Rasha Bassas, Rozina Banoo, Amull Fariss
Determining factors affecting the medical interns' choice of specialties among governmental universities in Riyadh
Ahmed Tariq Al Suwaidan, Lama Abdullah Al Luhidan, Khaled Abdullah Al Barrak, Rehab Abdullah Al Mubrick, Hessah Ibrahim Al Suwaidan, Rawan Abdulaziz Al Shammari, Rima M H D Belal Barakeh, Moath Khalid Al-Ghusoon, Bander Munir Al Rwaily, Sulaiman Abdullah Al Shammari
Experience with the use of the navigation system for ear surgeries: A cohort study
Mariam Al-Amro, Manal Bin Manea, Hassan Al Shehri, Abdulrahman Hagr
Knowledge and attitudes toward preventing hospital-acquired infections among nurses and residents at a university hospital
Mazin Barry, Ghada Alhadlaq, Reem Alsergani, Rana Almana, Nora Alshabib, Najd Altheeb
Prevalence of transfusion-transmissible infections among blood donors in Riyadh: A tertiary care hospital-based experience
Fahad AL Majid
Risk factor for urinary tract infections caused by gram-negative escherichia coli extended spectrum ß lactamase-producing bacteria
Ahmad Abdullah Majrashi, Abdullah Saleh Alsultan, Bander Balkhi, Ali Mohammed Somily, Fahad Mohammad Almajid
The Role of Thiol–Disulfide and Ischemia-Modified Albumin in the Differential Diagnosis of Ovarian Pathologies in Children
Can Ihsan Oztorun, Gamze Gok, Ahmet Erturk, Sabri Demir, Dogus Guney, Alkim Oden Akman, Salim Neselioglu, Mujdem Nur Azili, Emrah Senel
Patient satisfaction with neurosurgical care at King Saud University Medical City
Nasser Almujaiwel, Ghadeer Alsager, Sarah Bin Abdulqader, Safdar Malik, Sherif Elwatidy
Predictors and prevalence of social jet lag among King Saud employees and their families
Ahmad Hersi, Reema Alnasser, Nouf Aljomah, Jumana Fatani, Sarah Alhusaini
Knowledge and awareness of ischemic heart disease among primary health-care patients in Riyadh hospitals
Hesham M Alshaikh, Mosfer S Aldosari, Nujaim H Alnujaim, Hamad F Albraidi, Sulaiman H Alajlan, Ali H Alfuraydi, Ahmad S Hersi
Community awareness of noise-induced hearing loss from portable listening devices and possible preventive measures
Farid Alzhrani, Saad Al-Saleh, Shayma Asrar, Ahmed Al-Dhafeeri, Bashaer Al-Baqami, Mona Al-Harbi, Amani Al-Harbi, Mai Al-Masoud, Tahera Islam
Current understanding of probiotics and sinonasal inflammation: A review
Saud Romaih Alromaih, Nouf Mohammad Aloraini
Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis: A systematic review of its management with a call to action in Saudi Arabia
Saad Mohammed AlShareef
Lessons learned from China's response to Coronavirus Disease 2019 pandemic and implications for the rest of the world
Saurabh RamBihariLal Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh Shrivastava