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Apophyseal ring fracture, posterior longitudinal ligament lift, case report
Waleed Mohammad Awwad, Muhannad Saleh Alwabel, Khalid Abdulrazzak Alsalih
A puzzling case of brain disease following cutaneous lesions in childhood: A spectrum of disease or induced by therapy?
Khaldoon Aljerian, Latifa Alanazi, Waleed Al Rajban, Mohammed Mubarak, Mohammed Khalifah, Abdulrahman Alsultan
Glycemic control in intensive care unit: Experience of a tertiary care center
Hadil A Alotair, Shereen Ahmed Aldasoqi, Juren P Baldove, Mohammed Ahmed Abdou
Prevalence and factors associated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus colonization among clinical medical students
Nora Naser Albusayes, Khalifa Binkhamis, Ruba Mohammed Alselaimy, Monirah Misfer Alsalouli, Raghad Abdulaziz Alnafisah, Lina Abdullah Albawardi, Ali M Somily, Abiola Senok
Publishing determinants and barriers among family physicians during and after training in Saudi Arabia
Sulaiman Abdullah Alshammari, Abdullah Sulaiman Alshammari
The prevalence rate and associations of depressive symptoms and smoking among applied medical science students in a large university in Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional study
Eiad AlFaris, Farhana Irfan, Hussein Saad Amin, Riaz Qureshi, Nasr AlMaflehi, Mohammed Ali Batais, Abdullah M A. Ahmed, Gominda Ponnamperuma, Saira AlQahtani, Abrar T AlTurki, Amro K Bin Abdulrahman, Cees van der Vleuten, Heba AlFaris
Knowledge, attitudes, and self-reported practices of pediatric emergency physicians toward the pediatric emergency care applied research network criteria in Al-Qassim Region
Mohammad Abdulaziz Alhasoon, Reema Altowayan, Amal Alqufly, Renad Aloqayli, Anfal Alfeneekh, Ghaid Alkharaz, Moath Saleh Aljohani
Knowledge, attitudes, and practices pertaining to cotton-bud usages and the complications related to their misuse among outpatients in an ear, nose, and throat clinic
Maha Saleh Alrajhi, Bader Mohammed Alim, Sara Dokhayel Aldokhayel, Leena Mohammad Zeitouni, Layan Khalid Al Tawil, Farid A Alzahrani
An overview of transcranial magnetic stimulation research with bibliometric indicators
Shafiq Ahmad, Moath Alatefi, Ali Hamza, Shahid Bashir
Publish ethically or perish
Arjumand S Warsy, Irfan Ahmad Warsy
Laboratory diagnosis of encephalitis: New insights into areas of uncertainty
Deema A Alokaili, Mustafa A Salih, Ali Mohammed Somily